We are trying to make our school even greener!

We planted bulbs outside. We planted bulbs in pots and made Christmas tree decorations out of old jigsaw pieces and sold them at the Christmas Fair!

You can help us by following our school Eco Code:

Never drop litter

Everyone can help

Turn off the taps

Have respect for our planet

Every time you leave a room turn lights off

Recycle junk


Grow plants and vegetables

Reduce waste

Every day be eco-friendly

Enjoy walking, leave the car at home

Nether Green is ever green!


In our school we recycle lots of things, why not help us...

  • batteries
  • stamps
  • mobile phones
  • coffee pods
  • plastic triggers from kitchen cleaning sprays
  • pens
  • kenco coffee refill pack
  • biscuit wrappers

Please pop them in the boxes we have labelled in the entrance. Thank you.