PE & Sports Premium Report

We have been allocated additional funds to improve the quality and breadth  of PE and sports provision in our school. We are now in the third year of receiving this additional funding and during the last two years we have observed an increase in the standard of teaching PE as all staff have worked alongside a PE specialist for at least half a term in their PE lessons.

The Sports Premium is an allocation of money given to schools which have children in Years 1 and 2. In 2016-2017, schools with 17 or more pupils receive £8,000 and a further £5 per pupil for children in these year groups. As such, Nether Green Infant School will receive £8,750. This is not paid in a lump sum but in 2 payments over the course of the year.

Our Action Plan for 2016-2017

  1. To introduce a new PE scheme across the school
  2. To access whole school training of the new PE scheme
  3. PE leader to attend more detailed training on new scheme to cascade to all staff
  4. Purchase any additional resources
  5. Year teams to plan together to ensure continuity and consistency
  6. Monitor progress e.g. lesson observations and pupil surveys
  7. To involve parents and carers in home challenges related to new scheme
  8. Review impact of the scheme

Mrs Webster, a PE specialist teacher will continue to work with every class, alongside the class teacher to further develop the teacher's confidence and competence when using the new scheme.

Expenditure 2016-2017

Up to November 2016:

Real PE scheme of work, staff INSET, CPD and Specialist PE teacher - staff CPD (for all year groups including FS2)     £5137.50               

Annual PE equipment maintenance      £7

Soft sponge balls     £29.85

PE spots      £45.90

Total expenditure    £5283.25

Impact and outcomes

Staff have been alongside the specialist PE teacher. This has shown:

  • their confidence growing within the subject
  • greater consistency in lessons due to a common approach
  • higher quality teaching and learning
  • developed subject knowledge in sporting events at another school

The Real PE scheme is a skills based programme of work. It links to the National Curriculum and ensures that the children are proficient in key areas of their learning. There are 6 key areas that it focuses on and these are the core of what staff are delivering. The areas are:

  • social
  • personal
  • creative
  • physical
  • cognitive
  • health and fitness

By looking at these areas, as opposed to sports, the children are more adept in PE. They are developing awareness of what is needed to be successful and are more engaged with their learning. Staff and children are able to set challenges and the children are more aware of their successes and areas for development. The scheme includes clear assessment opportunities, for staff and pupils, and this is helping to further inform planning and progression. It also provides a clear structure and overview for teaching and learning.

As the training continues, and staff become more confident in the use of the resources, we should see the children becoming more confident and competent in PE. They will be able to discuss their learning more readily and will be able to share their next steps for development. Lessons will be more active and will include more discussion and evaluation. There will also be clearer progression in skills and development between year groups. Staff will provide opportunities for children to apply their skills at home.

For further information about DfE guidance please click here. Government Guidance PE & Sport

Our Action Plan for 2015-2016 included:

  • half a day a week support from a PE specialist to work alongside our teachers
  • opportunities for our children to take part in a festival of sport with other local schools
  • purchase resources to support work in gymnastics

The impact of the funding last year enabled teachers to learn new skills to teach gymnastics. The specialist teacher not only teaches the teachers how to teach but also ensures consistency in learning across the school. The children look forward to PE and can articulate what they have learnt and how it helps them to lead a healthy lifestyle.