Volunteering in school


"Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns"

We believe that the involvement of parents and carers in children's education is vital and we encourage active participation in many ways. Some parents and carers come into school to help with a variety of tasks such as reading, painting, sewing etc. and usually work with individuals or small groups in specific classes. Parents and carers also help when children are taken on educational visits outside of school or get involved with PTA events.

Reading Volunteers

Parents and carers may be interested in becoming one of our reading volunteers. Reading volunteers are regular readers who help children in classes other than those which their own children belong. They are invited to a meeting with Miss Blakely (teaches our Y2 Panda class) who will ensure the parents and carers are ready to help. Look out for the next meeting, it will be advertised in our weekly school newsletter.

Classroom Volunteers

Your child's teacher will ask for regular volunteers to help with activities such as exchanging library books. They will also ask for one off helpers as needed e.g. for baking or sewing.

Community Volunteers

We welcome requests from members of the local community who are interested in volunteering in our school. Miss Blakeley organises this for us.


For more information on what we expect from our volunteers click here Volunteer Helper Guidelines

All volunteers in our school area asked to sign the Volunteer Helpers Protocol form which includes confidentiality and safeguarding procedures. Click here to see the form Volunteer Helpers in School Protocol Form



For more information on how you can help at PTA events such as the disco, summer fair etc see the PTA page on this website.